May 2024 – In the dynamic arena of event production, marketing, sponsorship, and sport tourism, I often find myself in a peculiar position.

Our clients, bless their optimistic hearts, gaze at me with wide eyes and fervent hope, and ask us to score the game-winning touchdown with ½ the team injured on the bench and just seconds on the clock.

The thrill of executing that comeback is what typically drives me.

It can also turn me into one of those crazy adrenaline-fuelled fans who ill-advisedly jumps the boards and madly races across the field. We all know how that turns out … getting wrangled by a security guard with the not so good kind of 15 seconds of fame to your name.

I’m approaching my 24-year anniversary as a consultant so I’m no stranger to acting as both a coach and a player armed with strategies, experience, and a well-thumbed playbook.

When the clock is against us, my team is well-versed in the no-huddle offense.

This is a special kind of athleticism – it’s the agility of adjusting the plan, the endurance of perseverance, the mental gymnastics of turning a problem upside down to find the solution, and pure hustle.

It’s truly magical when we can turn a client fumble into the game-winning touchdown.

But the truth is, sometimes we’ve simply been called in too late to make a meaningful difference and all roads lead to the locker room instead of the end zone.

I love a challenge, but sometimes, the client expectations are a bit of a Hail Mary. 🏈

May has been one of those seasons where every game has been a battle to the finish line.

Yes, we’ve had a couple of smooth sailing W’s like the new Sheffe Consulting website project that launched 6 weeks ahead of schedule!

We’re also in the weeds with venue negotiations on four different client events with no signs of imminent success 🙁.

Yes, it feels great to hoist the trophy in those instances when the win is realistic and achievable. It also feels pretty good to have the confidence as both a coach and a player to hit the pause button … to avoid a sack followed by the inevitable concussion.

As we head into summer (and the milestone of 24 years of iSPARK), I’m reflecting on all the wins and losses that have shaped this path of entrepreneurship. Thanks for reading!

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting
Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting