January 2020 – It’s now been three years since I started my blog. I’m referring to this 3-year milestone as my ‘bloggerversary’.

My blog has been life-changing for me because it gives me an outlet. No one knows this about me except for Maria (my writing coach), but, as a tween, I used to spend a lot of time in my bedroom writing short stories. I have no idea where those stories ended up (certainly not published).

Then, I turned to journaling in my teens. I took a break from it during university since I was so sick of writing term papers and assignments.

But, I returned to it in my mid-20’s. I wrote a diary full of thoughts during my first pregnancy and my first year of motherhood. And then I gave it up cold turkey.

Until 3 years ago.

My blog doesn’t make me money, isn’t fully optimized for SEO, and hasn’t gone viral. One of the main reasons I’m still writing blogs is because my 20-year old daughter told me she loves them. She finds them funny and informative. She thinks I have some talent.

For the moms out there with daughters, you know how hard it is to impress your mini-me.

So, for this reason alone, I continue to blog. It guarantees me at least one day per month when I am confident my daughter will actually compliment me on something.

Here are a few of my favs:


4 Speaker Tips & Tricks: How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

Speakers are a big part of what gets people talking before, during, and after your event. They are make or break, so I not only wrote a blog about it, I also vlogged!


The Name of the Game: How to Rock a Name Badge 

Calling all ABBA fans (and anyone who has ever been stuck wearing an ugly name tag or event accreditation)! I’m making name badges stylish, functional, and a valuable networking tool.


Event Venues: When It’s a Case of Lipstick on a Pig

One of my first blogs! And, it’s a great story of hopping on a plane for an SOS venue site visit (squeezed in between Christmas and New Year’s), to see a venue that had honestly seen better days.


If you’re committing to a new habit, turning over a new leaf or simply striving to do things differently in the New Year I celebrate you. It’s not easy, and there may be critics, but if it feeds your soul, go for it.

Thanks for reading!