September 2022 – Finding the perfect partner is no easy feat.

Last month I engaged in a series of pointless emails (and one phone call) with someone who registered for one of the upcoming events we’re producing. Let’s call her Patty.

To give you an idea on why communication with Patty was so exasperating, here’s a snippit from some of the emails I received from her (in chronological order):

  • ‘Help! I need a receipt for my registration before 9 am this morning.’
  • ‘Question … When I purchased a ticket to the event, I did not think I bought a pass. What did I buy?’
  • ‘Call me.’
  • ‘Call me today please.’
  • ‘Please advise what a delegate registration would do for my company.’
  • ‘I’d like a refund.’
  • ‘Can you please send me what sponsorship opportunities that you have open?’
  • ‘If I become a sponsor, how would I connect with people? What would be the call to action?’

You see, Patty first registered for the event as an attendee. This is suspect on its own because it became evident during this long, drawn-out ordeal that she clearly had no idea what the event is all about.

Then, she went from demanding a refund (which we were happy to do because no one was looking forward to hanging out with Patty at the event) to wanting to be a sponsor.

Yo, what?!

Event sponsors reflect on your event brand. Sponsors should ideally be partners who add value for the target audience and who are invested in building that relationship over time.

I had to ask myself – does Patty and the company Patty works for fit into the culture & vibe at this event?

This was a hard NO for me. The client agreed.

We ultimately took a pass on engaging in further discussions with Patty re a sponsorship deal. We also granted her request for a refund of her registration.

Pick your partners wisely.

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting

PS – Hit me up for a complimentary discovery call on sponsorship strategy. I may be able to help troubleshoot any challenges you’ve been facing when it comes to partnerships. I am also happy to commiserate if you have a Patty in your life.