April 2023 – Here’s the thing about creativity … once you start, you can’t stop.

At least that’s my experience.

My brain functions in such a way that once I get a creative idea lodged there, I can’t let it go. What comes next is a cascade of ideas – some better than others, of course!

We all have a creative streak. For some, conjuring up that creativity comes easier than others. But it’s always there.

The first few months of 2023 have been a creative tsunami for me. It’s like a tap that I can’t shut off. I’m in a panic trying to capture all these creative thoughts in case the well runs dry.

I can’t figure out if our iSPARK clients are thrilled by this or overwhelmed!

Here are a few examples:

We’ve converted our popular donut wall that was having a moment pre-pandemic into a display of sea creatures at an upcoming fundraising event! Because no one is very keen to handpick their donut any longer.

We helped to launch a new innovative event with an edgy feel and an xceptional affinity for the letter X. The promo vid still gives me goosebumps, even though I’ve watched it a thousand times in February.

We’re working on a 25th anniversary marketing video with a ‘day in the life of …’ theme. Can’t wait to capture many behind the scenes moments for our client which will most certainly include a romp along the Ottawa River.

In other random news, I am continuously thankful for my subscription to the Front Lines Lobster Report – a weekly e-newsletter written by my new best friend, Stewart, at Tangier Lobster. You have no idea how much I look forward to his weekly musings and laugh out loud take on life.

I highly recommend!

Creativity comes in many forms. I encourage you to embrace whatever unexpected thoughts or dreams inspire you. You never know what these could become.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a creative boost to your marketing, event, sponsorship, or sport tourism initiative, hit me up while the well is still producing all of this creative water.

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting