February 2022 – Have you ever explored the psychology of colour?

Colour impacts so many aspects of our lives. We associate red with danger, for example. Stop signs are therefore red.

The colour of food has a psychological link too. Orange is known to increase appetite and is often used for food packaging and in fast-food restaurants. I guess this is why A & W is my favourite fast food burger joint!

Colour has the power to evoke emotions and trigger mood. The significance of colour can vary by culture too – In England, purple is associated with wealth, royalty, and nobility. In Thailand and Brazil, purple is the color of mourning.

Our clothing colour choices are very interesting too. Did you know that wearing black symbolizes power, strength, and authority? A black belt in martial arts represents physical and mental strength.

In marketing, branding colours are VERY important.

In Canada we have a strong association with a particular shade of red that matches the Canadian flag. I recall the decision to use a more burgundy shade for the Team Canada clothing designed by Roots for the 2002 Salt Lake City games. It was a fail.

It is no secret that I am all about the orange!

It is the primary colour of our iSPARK brand because it evokes energy, it’s stimulatory, and it conjures up feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. It is a fun, energetic hue that is often used for sports teams. Orange is also used to draw attention (think traffic cones).

However, I personally thrive on change and I am never one to shy away from mixing things up! Just ask my family how many times I’ve repainted rooms in our house!

So, we’re introducing a lovely  citrusy yellow  and  oceany blue/green  to the iSPARK brand. These two hues not only perfectly compliment orange, but they are also two of my personal favs. 🧡

Keep your eye on our LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and website in the coming weeks as we slowly roll out our new colour palette. If you’re interested in a little pick-me-up for your brand or if your social media feed needs a refresh, please reach out. Our social media audit service has been a popular one lately.

Be safe & create!

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting