July 2022 – The literal meaning of the phrase ‘measure twice and cut once’ is the concept that one should double-check one’s measurements for accuracy before cutting something. Otherwise, it may be necessary to cut again, wasting time and material.

In essence, though, it means to plan and prepare thoroughly and carefully before acting.

I received this text message on a sunny Sunday morning earlier this month, and since I was in a cheeky mood, I decided to have a little fun with it.

Disclaimer: In the days following this exchange, I’ve been told this may be some type of texting scam. I’ve also learned that you should never reply to an unknown number – even to theoretically help the person out to let them know their message has been sent to the wrong person.

However, if we skip over my blunder in replying, the larger lesson is one that seriously resonates with me – planning and preparing before jumping into something that may not be reversible.

Did ‘Nicole’ screw up? Did Nicole’s boss throw her under the bus? Did the supposed gaffe really justify the lengthy explanation?

At iSPARK, we win as a team and we lose as a team. So, when someone occasionally acts too quickly, or doesn’t double-check their work, and a mix-up is the result, we own it, fix it, and move on.

Next month is our company 22-year anniversary and I’d be lying if I told you that there haven’t been some mess-ups along the way.

Like the time I insisted on ironing 100 pairs of Team Canada pants before Opening Ceremony (despite warnings from a colleague who cautioned against putting the heat of the iron against this particular fabric). A big oops.

However, all those crazy situations have made for some great stories (some of which I have shared in this newsletter with you). Others were great learning opportunities. A few are forever in the vault 😉.

As we head into the last half of the summer, I leave you with this – if you forget to measure twice and cut once (like ‘Nicole’ did), there’s always wine 🍷.

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting