April 2022 – First-born. First place. First class. First go. First come, first served. Firsthand. First love. First world. First-rate.

Have you ever paid attention to how many phrases there are that include the word ‘first’?

I’m inspired to write about ‘firsts’ this month because there have been a lot of firsts in my life lately (and more to come).

  • First vacation since 2019 and first time on a plane since 2020 (I’m embarrassed to say how nervous I was going into this).
  • First time I left my plants in the care of someone else with a 100% survival rate (Post-it Note coloured-coded watering system for the win!).
  • First industry in-person networking event and in-person meeting (it felt a little surreal and my colleague ended up with COVID, so there’s that).
  • First 5 km run in 3 years (the shoulder is finally not screaming at me when I move too quickly; the legs are not so lucky).
  • First in-person FAM tour since 2019 (Hello PEI in May!).
  • First production of an in-person, indoor, 450+ event coming up in exactly 22 days (can you believe it!?).
  • First time to get kicked out of a gym for being too young (this is a story for another day).

Most of the idiomatic expressions using ‘first’ have a level of importance or prestige attached to them. Yet, in the incredibly unscientific analysis of my own list of 2022 ‘firsts’, they are not exactly all sparking joy.

A synonym for first is ‘before all else’. At one point, I was very close to getting a vanity plate that said ‘FIRSTBASE’. As a former competitive softball player, it had meaning. Then, I considered some of the other connotations and decided against it 😉.

We recently refreshed our website and are hoping we’re making a good online first impression.

FUN FACT – Using gifs in the body of an email conjures up feelings of happiness. I am testing the theory with this gif – one of the first to ever hit the internet (turning 35 this year).

If you have a minute, drop me a line about some of your firsts so far in 2022. Until then, happy spring!

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting