July 2020 – Are you feeling unsure about your next steps on social media? I know I am.

The internet and social media provide an incredible platform to incite movement, inform, and change. In many cases, some of that change is long overdue.

I’ve been learning and listening, and I’ve been inspired to make changes both as a business owner and as a human being. My eyes are open in a way they never have been before.

Lots of people are talking about when might be the right time to post some of your “regular” content again. When is it okay to promote what you’re doing or to sell (assuming you haven’t been doing a lot of that lately).

I don’t have the answer for you.

What I do know is that lots of things going on in my life and in my business (prior to and during COVID/BLM) have never made their way to my social media accounts.

You will never see me sharing pics of what I had for lunch, our family Xmas morning routine, or posting about my crappy day.

Taking care of your health (and the health of others) and being kind and considerate have never been so important (which means taking a sober second thought when it comes to sharing on social media).

I believe that just because you have access to the internet doesn’t mean you should use it. There is a whole lot of stuff going on over here in iSPARK land and at home that will never see the light of day on social media.

Since March, I’ve been continuing to learn (and also un-learn). I know these new skills (or refined skills) will help me in my business and in my personal life. The work that iSPARK has been doing in communications has never been so valuable to our clients. In the last 3 months, I have personally learned more about what to say and what not to say than in my entire lifetime.

My top tip on this topic is this – NOW is a great time to do a deep dive in your own (and your organization) social media to remove anything that you think you may not be proud of 10 years from now. This is how I’m spending most of my time on social media these days – DELETING.

Happy Summer!