October 2022 –Last week I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, mentally drained, and frustrated.

I haven’t been exercising enough or getting any fresh air. I am not sleeping well or drinking enough water. I am eating way too many muffins.

What gives?

I’m in event mode.

You’ve probably been there too … the last weeks or days or even hours before the start of an event (any event – family Christmas dinner for that matter). It is the time when things go sideways, and people panic, and you’re not having much fun.

This is how I’ve been feeling for the entire month of October. I am also really pissed off that the weather has been so awesome in Ottawa-Gatineau and I’ve missed the fall sunshine.

Last week I indulged in a little pity party for myself and vowed to wake up the next day and suck it up and get through it. The first email I clicked on that morning at 6:15 am was a highlight reel of our iSPARK team in action at a recent client event.

It is 45 seconds of pure joy and it reminded me why I do this job, why I own my own business, and why I work with the people that I work with. It was the re-set I needed – a full-on CTRL-ALT-DEL.


Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting