June 2022 – A pun is defined as ‘a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word, or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings’.

It’s no secret that the iSPARK team enjoys a good pun!

We often use puns in event marketing when the event seems well suited to cheeky messaging. Humour and use of puns is not always the right fit for every event marketing campaign, but when we have one that lends itself to some clever punny references, I just can’t resist.

This was the case for the Evening in the Maritimes event we produced last month. Given my Nova Scotia roots, I was fully on board (see what I did there?) to use some east coast puns for social media and email marketing.

Here are some of the ones we used most frequently ⚓️🌊🦞:

  • ‘You’ll be a lob-STAR if you buy a ticket to Evening in the Maritimes’
  • We can’t wait to ‘SEA’ you!
  • This is your invitation to the crustacean invasion!
  • Can we rope you in?
  • This is how we (lobster) roll …

It gave the event a lighthearted and happy feel that we carried through in other ways.

My idea for a SHELLfie station was a huge hit, and those Anne of Green Gables braids came in handy when our auctioneer, Ryan Watson, needed to up the shanty (err …. I mean ‘anty’) with the live auction bidding.

I am eager to bring back Sport Tourism Canada’s [un] GOLF and Sport Tourism FORE-um event next year – an event that is heavily laced with lame golf humour. It’s a hole in FUN and an unFOREgettable experience! ⛳️🏌️

Hit me up if your event, social media, or program needs an infusion of humour to stand out. Our crew (yes, that’s another nautical reference) is standing by to go all coastal if you need us to.

Krista Benoit - iSPARK Consulting

PS – If you’re curious about the Evening in the Maritimes event, check out this photo album. Our resident photographer, Justin Morris, did a lobsterific job of capturing the vibe.