Coaching & Training

Surrounding yourself with top talent is a sure-fire way to get better results. We love to share our deep experience, knowledge, and connections to bring sport-inspired, business-driven thinking to events, associations, and companies.

We’ll FIRE UP CREATIVITY in your marketing and events teams by transferring sport-inspired thinking and best-practicesOur expert coaching and training is designed to mentor both event and marketing teams.

For Event Teams

We’ll coach and mentor your events team to plan and design your event using inspired, creative, and strategic thinking. We’ll share our proven approaches, repeatable processes, and efficient event planning tools. You’ll also access our network of preferred suppliers who offer discounted pricing on essential event services.

We'll be there to:

  • Ensure budgets stay in check
  • Make the best use of available resources
  • Provide peace of mind and support throughout the event planning process
  • Contribute creative ideas, propose options, and keep things on track

For Marketing Teams

We’ll coach your marketing and communications team to apply relevant sport-inspired approaches, processes, and tools to achieve desired results.

This includes coaching marketing teams to:

  • Animate campaigns with activations and gamification elements
  • Develop vibrant, energetic brand identities and voices that convert
  • Increase engagement on social media
  • Attract sponsors and partners
  • Use analytics and metrics to guide marketing decision-making.

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