Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Events: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

“There is an interest and a need for digital events right now and I am determined to fill that gap with our same sport-inspired and business-driven strategies.”

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, my team and I spent the first 6-8 weeks helping clients to roll back their event plans, re-schedule, postpone, and communicate effectively with their stakeholders. When it was all said and done, we had all added a new tool to our toolbelts – ‘unplanning events’. This was never a skillset we ever envisioned needing to have.

The Research & Education

When the dust settled, next up was researching and learning more about this new phenomenon taking the events industry by storm – virtual (or digital) events! Virtual event production was soon to be one of our most sought-after event production services and we had lots to learn.

Here’s how the numbers have stacked up for me since June 2020:

90 – the number of virtual event technology platforms I explored

30 – the number of articles and blogs I read

15 – the number of webinars on how to stage a successful virtual event I listened in on

4 – the number of conferences on virtual events I attended

3 – the number of event technology platforms I demo’d

The Learnings

I took all of that incredibly interesting and informative material and compiled a somewhat organized list of everything I had learned about virtual events. My list included ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ because I believe that worst practices are just as helpful as best practices.

I then structured new systems internally to create our unique iSPARK approach to event production in a virtual environment, designed to deliver our signature style of creating powerful connections and delivering memorable experiences (but, virtually, of course).

My list is certainly not an exhaustive one, but it’s one that my team and I will be referring to over and over as we move into producing more virtual events for our clients this year.

For the record, I firmly believe that in-person (live) events reign supreme (check out my blog on that topic for the reasons why). However, there is an interest and a need for digital events right now, and I am determined to fill that gap with our same sport-inspired and business-driven strategies.

Check out my Virtual Event Production Tips Sheet and message me if you think something else should be added to this list. As virtual events evolve and grow, there is always going to be more to learn and new ways to innovate!

While virtual events are not a replacement for in-person events, they are so much more than a one-dimensional Zoom call! We are here to help our clients navigate this space and, although, we were cautious about jumping on the virtual events bandwagon initially, we are now ALL IN!