Like everyone else in the events industry, we are closely monitoring the government guidelines as it relates to large gatherings that could impact the spread of COVID-19. Our event production team has pivoted from helping clients to plan and produce their events to helping clients make contingency plans. Our communications team is busy crafting timely messages for our clients and staying on top of the latest news. Our marketing team is keeping all of those creative and witty marketing messages designed to entice eventgoers to purchase tickets and register for events on the back burner for now. On the sport tourism side of the business, things have slowed down, so we’re resting up for when everyone returns to the field of play with bums in seats and heads in beds. Our coaching and training services are in high demand right now as clients lean on iSPARK for guiding others in how to navigate this ever-changing landscape. With sponsorship strategy, we are carefully managing those relationships. We are here for you … if need to vent, if you need advice, or if you simply need to dance it out, our team of subject-matter experts is only a phone call or email away. Since 2000, we have run our business operations virtually, so we are comfortably at home at our desks working away and awaiting your call, text or email. Stay safe everyone and please reach out if you need support in any way – whether it be now or later.

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