“Have you ever left an event and made a pit stop for an errand on the way home only to discover you still have your event name badge on a lanyard around your neck?”

Are you an ABBA fan? I sure am.

‘The Name of the Game’ was the first single they released on their fifth album and it was a UK #1 for four weeks. ABBA nailed this one, but not every track becomes a hit. Just like songwriting, event planning is a complex and multi-layered undertaking. Events involve a huge amount of planning and close attention to detail.

I’m not sure ABBA had events in mind when they titled this popular song in 1977, however, just like in the music industry, sometimes when it comes to name badges & event accreditation, event professionals miss the mark.

Creating event name tags are usually one of the last things on the to-do list in the lead-up to an event, but that doesn’t mean it is any less important than any of the other pre-event preparation. Your event attendees, after all, will wear their name badge for the entire duration of the event, will use them as a means to meet one another, may scan it for entry into a contest, and may even take them home to keep as a memento.

Have you ever left an event and made a pit stop for an errand on the way home only to discover you still have your event name badge on a lanyard around your neck?

Yup, me too.

So, wouldn’t you love it if that name badge was actually functional AND a cool-looking fashion accessory?!


5 Tips for Creating a Kick-Ass Name Badge

Tip #1 The badge design should match the branding of your event. Use your event and company logos and corporate colours.

Tip #2 – The person’s name needs to be written in large print. As a woman, there is nothing more awkward than having someone squinting at your chest.

In that same vein, you should also make sure the lanyard is adjustable, since placement is different for everyone.

Tip #3 Add the person’s organization or company name and her/her social media to the badge. This instantly creates another way to network and interact online during the event and event after the event ends 

Tip #4 Don’t be afraid of colour! At iSPARK, we love orange so we use it whenever we can. So, load up the toner into your colour printer and go wild. You can even colour code badges to identify different categories of registration or different access levels or types of accreditation.

Tip #5 – Have you noticed that name badges have two sides? Make use of that extra real estate. You can acknowledge event sponsors or print your badge as a double-sided piece (i.e. if your lanyard spins around, you’ve printed the badge information front and back). Smart, right?


2 Event Name Badge No-No’s

Here are two major deal breakers when it comes to name badge or accreditation design:

Tip #1 – Don’t use badges that will damage clothing (like leaving pin holes or sticker residue).

Tip #2 – Make sure you have means to re-print a quality badge onsite during the event. It’s just so awkward when you see event attendees walking around with a hand-written or makeshift name badge that looks like a grade 4 art project.


Get the full scoop on name badges that are not only functional, but also top the charts in the looks and style department in Volume I of my Event Planning Survival Guide, a free download here.

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