“My top tip for handling an event-related crisis is to plan for it.”

I recently started following some ‘mommy bloggers’ on Instagram and Twitter. I have no idea why. In fact, I am most likely going to unfollow them. I simply cannot relate to most of the content because it is targeted to moms of young children.

My ‘children’ are now young adults and my days of dealing with teething, sleepless nights, the terrible two’s and first day of school woes are long gone. However, as I peruse the posts and pics of today’s mommy bloggers, it reminds me of something important – this too shall pass.

The truth is that the parenting crisis of the hour is typically always only a phase. My 3-year old was not going to be obsessed with drinking from the basketball-themed water bottle forever, and my 10-year old would eventually grow tired of the yellow mini skirt that she insisted on wearing every single day.

The same philosophy applies to event-related crises. Although event planning is number 6 on the list of the top 10 most stressful careers, there is no excuse for hitting the panic button every time something goes wrong, frustrates you, or makes your blood boil.

Do you know why?

Just like the chicken pox, this too shall pass.

Working as an event professional (or being a mom for that matter) requires a vast amount of coping skills. Everyone makes mistakes and things do go wrong. Accept responsibility and then transition into solution mode. For every one problem, I like to have at least two viable solutions at the ready. I need options!

I have no time for people who want to play the blame game in the middle of an event. Honestly, at that point it is irrelevant who screwed up and how we ended up in the middle of an event crisis. We just need to solve the problem NOW! During the post-event debrief, we can delve into how things ended up going south. During the live event, just dig deep and fix it.

My top tip for handling an event-related crisis is to plan for it.

Yes, that’s right. Imagine the worst, have an idea (or ideas) in hand of how you might deal with it, and then if it does occur you are already a step ahead.

In my opinion, if you cannot manage the daily stresses of event management with a smile on your face you’re in the wrong line of work. Something will always go wrong at an event. It’s an event! It’s what they do. Babies cry … it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. It’s what they do!

So, to all the mommy bloggers out there hiding from their kids in the bathroom while scarfing down a piece of licorice and taking a much needed ‘mommy timeout’, I hear ya sister.

But, trust me, this too shall pass.

PS – For more on how to handle an event crisis, check out Volume I of my ebook – available as a FREE download online. Or, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation (aka venting session.) For parenting tips on how to manage toddler behavior problems, I’m not the expert. Please connect with one of the mommy bloggers out there in cyberspace!